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My 7 Free Online SEO Teachers

By on Saturday, June 25, 2016
My 7 Free Online SEO Teachers

Search engine Optimization (hereinafter called SEO) are the methods/techniques which is used to increase the organic traffic of website. There are different SEO techniques to increase the number of visitor by improving site visibility in search engine result pages (hereinafter called SERPs).

There is a complete process through which a site appears in SERPs. After submit the site map to Google web master and other search engines, it is indexed in database of search engine. Now when a user will put a query in search engine relevant to your site, it will be appeared in SERPs. The question is how search engine comes to know that in user’s query response, your site has to shown in search engine results? This is a secret method which is never revealed by search engine algorithm and no one can tell us perfectly and accurate about the site ranking process in search engine.

But there are some SEO experts who always revealed the SEO techniques, on the basis of which; a site is ranked in SERPs. These techniques/practices/methods included unique and original content, building backlinks, internal linking techniques and on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Recently we published a complete series of SEO tactics and Strategies 2016 (Part-I to Part-V), whereby we discussed the on-page and off-page SEO techniques with complete detail.

The SEO strategies which are discussed on every blog, are not revealed by search engine algorithm, but revealed by SEO experts. Some of these SEO experts are the part of Google Web Spam team; therefore they didn’t show the exact and accurate changes done by search engine, but those are always very close to real changes. These SEO experts, after observations and experiments of months, guide the bloggers about SEO changes and techniques to improve the site visibility and ranking in SERPs. In this article, we’ll know about these top 07 guys in the SEO world.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is considered a professional and master of SEO world. After obtaining Ph.D from the University of North Carolina, he started his carrier with search in Google in 2001. He is also in the list of co-inventors of Google patent related to search engine and web spam. He also remained the head of Google web spam team.

Matt always discussed and disclosed the changes made by Google algorithm from time to time. It has not only the pulse what has been changing with the web but also tracks and provide a complete case study. If you have any problem regarding SEO of your site, contact with Matt, he will send you the answer in video form on YouTube. He also discussed the SEO techniques on YouTube.

Matt also worked as a “spokesman” of Google, as he defended the Google of many times and given news on Google’s behalf. In January 2012, when it was hot news that Google chrome violated its own quality guidelines, at that time Matt defended the downgraded page rank of Google chrome homepage. In May, 2015 Matt retired from the Google Web Spam team and Google has placed a new person, but it can’t reach the level of Matt Cutts.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

The list of SEO experts without Rand Fishkin would be incomplete. Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz. He started in 2004 when he was working with his mother in a small selling industry. After years of non-stop working, he made the the leading and professional company of “white hat” SEO techniques. He is not only an expert SEO but also a successful marketer and entrepreneur. He worked on many SEO on-page and off-Page SEO techniques and guided the bloggers how to increase the site improvement in search engine.

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is the co-founder of search engine land and now chief content officer at Third Door Media. Search engine land is a publication industry which publishes the new information about the search engine and its algorithm. Sullivan was born in 1965, graduated from University of California, started Search Engine Watch in 1997 when he posted a research on “a webmaster’s guidelines to search engines, in April, 1996. He wrote hundreds of articles that how to get the organic traffic from search engine. Search engine watch which was founded by the Danny Sullivan was considered “most authoritative source on search” by Tim Mayer of the Yahoo. Danny also stages the search engine strategies conferences where he attracts 4500-6000 attendees every time.

Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is the founder of Netconcepts which is not only a leading SEO firm but also famous web designer and marketing agency. Stephan is the author of Google Power Search published in 2011, co-author of social e-commerce published in August, 2014 and co-author of the Art of SEO.

Stephan Spencer hosted and spoken on countless SEO conferences and events such as SMX, Incisive Media (SEO Strategies), Tech Web, DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and American Marketing Association. Despite from many of these SEO services, he is also a contributor to and Practical E-commerce; write on SEO strategies at Search Engine Land and The Huffington’s Post.

Richard Rosenblatt

Richard Rosenblatt

A serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Demand Media, Richard Rosenblatt, who built, run and sold the internet companies having value of more than US $1.3 billion. Now Richard is the CEO and chairman of Demand Media.

Richard Rosenblatt born in California in 1969; obtained the degree of Doctor of Law from University of Southern California Law school in 1993 and co-founded iMall in 1994. Till 1999, he was able to sell the iMall in more than half billion dollars ($565 Million), sold MySpace in 580 million US dollars and founded the Demand Media.

Greg Boser

Greg Boser

If I say that Greg Boser is the foundation and father of search engine optimization industry, it wouldn’t be wrong. Yes! It stated the SEO industry before even it had a name. He worked on different tactics to win the organic traffic from search engine and from the web’s competitors. He worked with countless companies of different fields, Medison Avenue and agencies and in few search engines from time to time. He is also the best speaker of many large industry and small industry conferences on the subject of search and on many events including Web 2.0, Affiliate Summit, SES, SMX, Pubcon and SEOktoberfest etc.

David Naylor

David Naylor

David Naylor ‘claimed from Bronco’, is a leading SEO experts in the world. He and his professional team always write on search engine optimization techniques and methods on Bronco. It is a famous creative digital marketing agency on the land of UK, offering a broad range of online services.

David Naylor is working in SEO industry from the last 18 years. If you want to meet the professional SEO guy, he is going to deliver the speeches in following conferences. He is going to speak on 7th July in Search lead conference on SEO panel, on 2nd September in Brighton SEO conference on the subject “The Hidden Pitfalls of Commerce SEO” and on 20th September in SEOktoberfest in Munich.

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How to Increase Sales with Twitter Ads

By on Friday, June 24, 2016
Increase Sale with Twitter Ads

The trend of marketers is shifted towards the social media from last 7-10 years. According to “Salesforce’s 2015 marketing report” more than 70% of marketers started to consider and invest in social media to increase their sales. Now social media has wide branches and all are every effective and useful to boost up the business industry. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. are the strong base of today era to build damage and harm proof building of online business.

Recently we published a detailed marketing insight that how to increase sale using Facebook. Obviously Facebook is the 2nd largest website of world, which is now the king of advertising channels. Twitter provided the best insight marketing tools i.e. twitter ads, which is not only effective to target the specific audience i.e. gender and location based, but also has great ROI.

Here a detailed insight that how to use twitter ads to increase the affiliate sale and conversion rate. One thing to be remembering that if you are using affiliate program along with your website, then original and unique content is necessary. Without unique content, paid advertising is useless, ineffective and only waste of time.

Twitter Tools for Blogging Community

Targeted Audience Campaign

Targeted audience campaign is the main reason which makes it prominent in other social media advertising channels. It has the quality to target the specific audience based on gender and location. There is a filtering process which depends on the selection of advertiser. There is a wide range of filters like keywords, language, location, gender, age, competitor followers, influence rating and entity i.e. company or an individual person etc. Remember when you opted in twitter ads campaign, a dedicated twitter profile is mandatory to drive high sale and conversion rate. Here this concept can be easily understood with following example.

For example you advertise an event with relevant to a brand launching ceremony i.e. new brand of alcohol. For this purpose you drive twitter ads campaign. Twitter Ads filter will work here with a different prospectus. The event on the same subject, which was held in your locality previously, twitter ads will target the audience, based on that event i.e. attendees who attended the last alcohol event. It will also target the audience based on demographic filtering i.e. keywords, bios and location etc.

Twitter Tactics 2016 to Increase Visitor Engagements on Blog

Optimize the Campaign on Objective Based

Twitter ads campaign is an objective based campaign where advertiser can choose the advertising objectives. An advertising campaign has multiple objectives and also individual objectives. It depends on the advertiser i.e. increase the sale, twitter followers, blog traffic, organic traffic or twitter engagement on your site and increase the conversation and conversion rate.

It is interesting that selection of objectives is essential part of twitter ads campaign. When advertiser will pay, it will pay only for that specific objective and specific targeted audience. You can set only one target or multiple objectives. But keep your budget in your mind while choosing the objectives to optimize the twitter ads campaign.

How to Tweet Effectively to get Blog Traffic

Learn From Conversion Tracking Data

Conversion Tracking Data is a new feature of twitter advertising campaign which helps the advertiser to increase the sale. This feature provides a comparative study and analysis of your previous campaign and campaign driven by your competitors.

Conversion tracking data provides a precise analysis that how much budget was spent on previous campaigns, made out any purchase and precise amount of ROI. This feature of twitter ads also gives the insight that with which product or brand, you can get the highest return on investment through increasing the sale.

Live Nation tested the twitter ads conversion tracking feature and stats that it is a useful feature which helps to increase the sale and get the maximum ROI even up to 100%.

Auto Follow Twitter Service to Increase Followers on Twitter

Mailing List! Twitter Ads Integration Tool

Email is an exception tool to contact your business partners, customers and royal visitors. Mailing list plays an important role to increase the ROI even up to 158%. You have your own mailing list, apart from twitter follower and traffic generation. Now when you drive twitter ads campaign to increase the sale, you can combine and cross multiply of both listing. Thus you will get a way to broad your message to multiple customers i.e. based on location and gender. Using twitter ads, you can re-establish the connection, which are still in no longer engaged with your mailing list.

Recently a detailed guide published on “5 insights for effective email marketing” and “5 best practices for B2B email marketing”. It is understood fact that every internet user has its account on social media or Gmail or Yahoo mail account. The reason is this the fastest way of contact and you can send any document or image through mailing. So why not we should taken the benefit from this chance. Use the email integration to match up with those subscribers which don’t open your email marketing campaign.

Twitter Ads Target the Devices that Sluts Landing Page

Do you know that more 60% of internet users access internet through devices other then desktop computers and laptops. These devices are included android mobiles, smart phones, iOS, blackberry phones and tablets. Now the importance mobile friendly site is increased when, in April 2015, Google announced that “mobile friendly site in now official search engine ranking factor”. That’s why if we ignore mobile friendly factor, it would be a great loss and decrease in sale.

Twitter ad provides access all the devices to your marketing campaign. It is adjustable for all devices. It depends upon the advertiser that he give access to whom devices i.e. to a specific device or multiple device users.

2 Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages


After all the above discussion, it shows clearly that twitter is a pillar of social media advertising services. Due to having the potential of millions of customers and big brands of the world, an advertiser can’t ignore this advertising channel if he adopts paid advertising. Although we put our all efforts to make this article more beneficial and effective for you, but on humanitarian basis, if any headline or information regarding twitter ads sale is missed, you can send us in comments section. You have any idea or suggestion to improve our site more, mail us or write down in comments.

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5 Social Media Strategies That Will Dominate in 2016-17

By on Thursday, June 23, 2016
5 Social Media Strategies That Will Dominate in 2016-17

Social media is now a solid platform and cheap advertising channel to promote the content marketing. No one was able to presume the today advertising and marketing power of social media just one decade ago. Why one could be able to presume this because Facebook was launched in 2004, Twitter in 2006, LinkedIn in 2002, Pinterest in 2010 and Google+ in Jun, 2011. When all these social platforms were started within previous 10 years then how marketing industry would accept them at the large scale.

But surprisingly today all the top sites of the world are most of the social networking channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. No doubt that social media dominated the advertising and marketing world within couple of years. Most of the business industry advertisers and marketers started to promote their brands on social media even before 2010-11. Today social media become the leader of advertising industry and promoter of content marketing.

Here we will discuss the five landmark social media strategies which are not only effective in 2016 but also will be dominant in 2017. Although social media world changes quickly, but on previous observations and trends, we can say that these trends will be the dominating social media trends in 2016.

5 Insights for Effective Email Marketing

Live Video Streaming will Dominate

Like search engine Google, social media is also put its every effort and facilitated its users with different new useful products. As social media is changing its world quickly by providing new updates, but some changes become dominated within couple of days. The changes become most effective and useful to promote the content marketing. One of those in-the-moment updates is live video streaming.

When live video streaming started, twitter introduced the Periscope (not introduced but acquired, as Facebook acquired Whatsapp). It was a successful launching, after that Instagram and Snapchat also provided live video streaming to its users. Even now Facebook facilitated its marketer and users that they can not only chat but also telecast live themselves now on Facebook. The marketers and advertisers can do the live video conferences, seminars and launching ceremonies on Periscope (twitter), Instagram and Facebook.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Even Blog

Social Media In-App Functionality will Spread

It is an understood phenomenon that if any technology brand, web or social media site doesn’t meet the latest technology, it will be kicked out. The biggest example is Nokia mobile brand. It didn’t provided the model with latest features to its user as liked features in smart phones and iOS, it completely failed. In the same way, there is a competition between social media sites for their survival.

When Google introduced the play store, it was essential for Facebook to provide In-app functionality to its user regarding search. That’s why it launched “Facebook instant articles” and “in-post search engine”. Even now you can see video without hitting play button, it will automatically play when scroll down. The same in-app functions are also in progress by other social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest etc. The main reason is all these want to prevent their users to flying to other sites.

How Blogger can use Social Media as a Campaign

User’s Privacy is also on Top Demand Which will Dominated

Social media is the pillar of today advertiser and marketer’s building. Even it reaches at its highest peak of famous and users statistics, if it don’t keep the care of user’s privacy, it would not be accept by user as content marketer and brand advertiser. Snapchat when launched, it always preferred its user’s privacy.

User privacy is you can’t provide the personal information of user, customer, visitor or viewer to any third party without permission of owner. Even social media can’t use this information for its personal matters unless permitted by user. That’s why Facebook and all other social media sites are introducing more advanced security methods for its users which will, in very near future, dominated. Marketers and advertisers then will use social media without any fear of any leaks.

3 Phases of Successful Email Marketing

Call-To-Action Button will Dominated

Call to action button is a primary invitation way to invite the user/customer to take an action. For example if visitor lands on an affiliate program or social media where he see the ad “Get Sony Camera in Just $20”. If visitor takes interest to buy it, on that ad there is also a button “Buy now” or “Buy it”. When visitor hit buy now button, he will redirected to main store from where he can purchase this item.

Social Media sites, only Facebook and Pinterest, provided “buy now” button facility to their users. This is a big reason or cause to stop your customer to fly another site. Although other social media sites didn’t touch the competition of these two social sites, but very soon, other will also launch it. I hope that end of 2016 you will see CTA button on all social sites inviting their users to take an action. This trend will take over in very near future.

Optimize Blog Content through Social Media Optimization

Struggles of Social Media to Throw Organic Visibility

Organic visibility is the basic goal of almost every site, affiliate program, blog, brand and all other online micro business industries. Organic visibility means getting the traffic from search engine. It means highest conversation and conversion rate and more chances to increase the number of sales. That’s why in last few years ROI of social media in regard of organic traffic is deeply considered.

Level of competition is increasing among social media sites. Now-a-days, Facebook is sending most of the organic traffic to sites, blogs and affiliate programs. Others are also aggressive and trying their best to provide the organic traffic to their customers. In very near future, the 95% online business industry, marketers and advertisers will divert their campaigns to social media to get the organic traffic.

Increase the Social Presence of Your Blog

Final Thought

Finally I can say that social media is the advertising king in very near future, even leaving search engine Google behind. I am not doing any prediction on spirituality but the circumstances and growing business industry of social media is telling this. Imagine that if social media like Facebook, within the period of 10 years, can become the 2nd largest social channel of the world after Google then it can be also presumed that in next 5 years, it will be at No 1.

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How to Optimize Website for Mobile Traffic

By on Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Optimize Website for Mobile Traffic

Mobile is changing the world rapidly. More than 60% internet searches are adopted through mobile devices. It is surprisingly that in 2005, there was only 15-20% internet access was through mobile devices, rest 80% internet access was availed through desktop computer and laptops. In 2016 the mobile technology has left the desktop searches and over took more than 60% internet accesses.

There are so many reasons of increasing the mobile searches but some of them are worth mentioning here.

  • Internet is accessible through mobile devices and smart phones at any time and any place, either you are in travelling, schools, college, office, home, playing. If I say that “Internet is now in your pocket”, it would not be wrong. 
  • Smart phones companies almost fetched out all the features of desktop computers in a smart phones. Smart phones are like a mini computer which has all the features of a desktop computer or laptop. 
  • There is likelihood to take an action by mobile user like selling and purchasing an article etc.
  • When a mobile search attempted, search engine shows the local services allocated on local region.

These are some worth mentioning reasons due to which mobile traffic become important for a website. Even in April 2015, Google search engine also announced that a mobile friendly website has more visibility and ranking in search engine. Google declared the “mobile friendly website” in a ranking factor in SERPs.

Mobile Friendly Site is Now Official Search Engine Ranking Factor

Therefore now mobile optimization of a website has the same important as search engine optimization of a website. The reason is more than half of the website traffic comes through mobile, tablets and smart phone devices. This article is a detailed guide on this subject. We’ll learn step by step that how to optimize a website to make it mobile friendly for mobile users.

Optimize Image Size for Mobile Devices

When the question of mobile friendly site rises, the optimization of image is the first factor in this process. Usually mobile users search images and focus on the short and point to point content. There are different media queries like smart phones, tablets, android devices and window phone and iOS etc. A mobile friendly website is required to optimize the images for all these mobile devices.

Each mobile device has its own resolution and is different from each other. A window phone resolution is different from the resolution of android phone. Generally popular resolutions are 360x640, 768x1024, 320x568, 320x480, 780x1280, 480x800 and 320x534 etc. Generally these are the often screen sizes of mobile devices.

There are hundreds of tools which help you to optimize the website images for mobile devices. The two most popular plug-in are WP Smush and EWWW image optimizer, use these plug-in to optimize the images of your site for mobile devices.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016, Part-I

Use Short Keywords for Mobile Users

Typing on desktop computer keyboard and laptop is too easy as compared to type on mobile keyboards. This is the reason that mobile users when attempt the search, they use short keywords or phrases. Even a large number of mobile users enter just two or three keywords to attempt a search. Therefore whenever you have to do the SEO of your website, don’t forget to use short keywords and shorter phrases in search description of bloggers.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016, Part-II

Optimize your Website for Local SEO

The reason is mobile search is mainly local search. Mobile searches are mostly used for local stuff. The reason is mobile users are likelihood to take an action at the spot as compared to desktop users. Mobile searches focus on the local searches as like chrome search browser. For example you are planning a tour of Europe in your upcoming summer vacations; you search “Travelling Agency”. Now you didn’t mention the name of city or country, but in results, mobile search browser will show the local travelling agency. This shows that importance of local SEO, due to which all the industrialist are emphasizing on local SEO.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016, Part-III

Avoid Using Lengthy Content

Mobile users don’t read the lengthy content because it looks more than 3x lengthy then desktop. When desktop user avoid reading the lengthy content, then how mobile users would accept it. Therefore avoid using long web pages for mobile version. If you can make a special separate mobile version of your website, then it is too good. It will not your desktop version but will give more benefit of addition of mobile traffic to your site. Remember that short content doesn’t mean remove the specific keywords, but it means to short your content by removing detailed content and publish point to point content.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016, Part-IV

Promote Site on Mobile Portals and Directories

Apart from obtaining organic traffic from search engine, there are plenty of mobile portals and directories. If your site is getting a good amount of organic traffic from multiple search engines, then you can increase this amount by getting mobile traffic from. For this purpose, simply include your site in different mobile portals and directories. Your site will get started to obtain mobile traffic. This will not only increase the site traffic but also make your site visible in mobile search local services.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016, Part-V


In short, we can’t deny the importance and usage of mobile devices, especially when half of the internet access made through mobile devices. Today the mobile optimization of a website is necessary same as like search engine optimization of the website. I hope you learnt a lot about mobile optimization from this article. If I put my all efforts to conclude this subject, even then as a human being, mistakes will happen. So if I missed any tip and you know that, you can write us in comments section.

Check Mobile Friendly Test of Your Site.

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How to Write Unique and High Quality Content

By on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Tips to Write Unique and High Quality Content

Unique and high quality content is a strong base to increase the site visibility and ranking in search engines. Google made it very clear that duplicate content, low or poor quality content is not acceptable anymore. Google has made its every effort to provide the accurate, original and unique information to its users. That’s why there is no mercy room in Google for poor quality content.

Before release of Google penalization, the duplicate content generator always used black hat SEO tactics. They manipulate the search engine ranking applying different techniques like duplicate and poor quality content, backlinks from irrelevant sites and build autoblogs to obtain site traffic.

Although the goals of using black hat SEO tactics were achieved by bloggers, but there was drawback that unique and high quality content were disappeared from search engine because search engine ranking was manipulated by black hat SEO tactics. To stop this practice, Google launched the Penguin and Panda updates. After these updates many duplicate and thin content sites were penalized and remove from search engine. Resultantly the original and unique content sites automatically appeared on top pages of search engine ranking. That’s why I said “unique and high quality content is the strong base to increase site visibility and ranking in search engine result pages”.

This article is a detailed guide on this subject that how to create unique and high quality content. You’ll learn different techniques and method to produce the high quality content which would help your site to boost up its ranking in SERPs.

How to Become a Successful Blogger and Entrepreneur

Research Base Content

In order to produce the high quality content, research is the first step. You can’t write a comprehensive and useful article without research on the topic.

For example if your topic is “how to increase the social presence of website”, you can’t write an article based on high quality content directly without getting any information from top sites, Wikipedia, Google scholars, Google books etc. You’ll need to read at least 20-25 articles on this subject which are already published. Write down the notable points of those articles, do a comparative study and then include one or two points on your own. After all these efforts, you will be able to write a research based article.

4 Lessons I learnt from Movie “3 Idiots”

Writ an Attractive Title of the Post

When bloggers submit the site map of the newly published post, Google index the post with the title. Now on the query of user, search engine shows the results based on the keywords used by user in his query. Search engine chooses these answers from his index where site map is indexed with the title of post. That’s how an attractive title is important for the site.

Here I would like quote some examples from our site of attractive titles.

1. Blogger vs. WordPress, The Battle Continues.

2. The Foremost Benefits of Internet Marketing.

3. Effective Strategies to Grow Freelancer Carrier in 2016.

When visitor lands on the site to read something, first impression which he observes, is the title of post. If title of site is filled with high CPC keywords and trends, visitor will surely stay on site to read the post completely. But if title is not attractive and irrelevant to the site and body of the post, visitor will fly to another site and in future, he will never like to land on your site. That’s why for high quality content, an attractive title is also an important factor to boost up the site search ranking in SERPs.

Write Short and Point to Point

Extra lengthy content makes the reader boring and dull. There is no doubt that lengthy article are favorite of search engine but for a site, 5% lengthy articles are enough. Write short and point to point story. The whole content of the post should be interlinked with each other and in circle of the title of post. For example the post title is “how to increase Facebook Fans” and you write about twitter in a paragraph, then it diverts the attention of reader from Facebook to twitter. That’s why write the short and point to point content which should be in boarders of title.

Write in simple and easy language so that reader could understand in just one reading what you want to say. Website is the online presence of your content which can read anyone i.e. a philosophy doctor and even a layman. So write in simple language so that a common layman could understand it.

How to Write Search Engine Friendly Content

Add the Internal Links to Site Content

Internal linking not only adds the relativity of article but also increase the spending time visitor on your site. Internal linking refers another post of the same website or blog. In this article “all the red colored sentences are internal links. When you click on these red colored phrases, you will be redirect to another article of this site”. This is a method to make your content great and high quality. It also increases the stay time of visitor on your site. Internal linking is one of the best strategies to decrease the bounce rate of your site.

Write in Your Own Style

Don’t copy someone. Write in your own unique writing style. At earlier stage, when you start writing the articles, you face some problems and hardships to write, but practice makes perfect. If you feel some difficulties in writing in your own style, then write, write and write. After some time you will become an expert and your writing style will become your identification. To improve your writing style, try to write your favorite articles and stories in your own style. Read your favorite writers on regular basis. These all efforts will improve your unique writing style.

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What is Auto Blogging and how it Works

By on Monday, June 20, 2016
What is Auto Blogging and how it Works

Last week, I received a mail from one of my colleague who asked about “Autoblogging, how it works? Where do you get content? Does it establish the backlinks? Is it favorite of Google or it is considered a black hat SEO tactics? Shortly he asked A to Z about auto blogging from me. That’s why I understand it appropriate to publish a detailed blog post on this subject, instead giving answer to one person. Thus anyone can read about auto blogging and get useful information from this post.

8 Twitter Tools for Online Blogging Community

What is Autoblogging?

Auto blogging is a kind of blogging in which we use software to collect the content from different sites. After collection, that auto blog software compiled the information and published on blog. Like general blogging, it also can be done on self hosted blog or web 2.0 blogs. All the information which automatic blogging software grabs from other site, are based on the keywords you assigned to the software.

For beginner, Auto blogging can be defined as “a blog owner buys a domain along with hosting package, then install the WordPress or RankWYZ, and set up automatic blogging software. This software grabs the articles from other site and site directories. It grabs articles using keywords which you designed in the software.

How to Build an Auto blog?

As like general blogging, Auto blogging can also be done on WordPress and web 2.0. It depends upon the goal which you set of Auto blogging. You want to increase the ranking of your site in SERP’s or just to create the backlinks to your main website. If you want to increase the visibility of site in search engine then I recommend you to use WordPress to build your Auto blog. If you want to just increase your backlinks through auto blogging, then I recommend the “Web 2.0”.

Step by Step Guide to Build Auto blog on WordPress

If you want to build the blog with the goals to get the ranking and traffic in and from search engine, you should maximum can do 20-30 articles per day on this blog. If your objective is just to increase the backlinks of main site, then you can continue your posting work frequently i.e. 3-5 posts per day.

Reasons to Use Auto Blogs

There are many reasons to use the Auto blogs. The biggest reason is it is software which saves 80% of blogger’s time by creating and compelling the content automatically. The bloggers only fix some keywords for one topic and RSS feeds, after that it automatically configure and compile content from those RSS feeds.

It is essential to mentioned here that any content which is stolen, configured or compiled from other sites, is considered the violation of AdSense. The auto generated software also comes in black hat SEO category. Now let’s know some more reason to use Auto blogging software.

i. People use Auto blogs to get the bulk of traffic to their websites and blogs.

ii. Auto blogs are used to increase the blog visibility in search engine as it creates the fake traffic from search engine.

iii. Auto blogs are also used to manipulate the ranking of SERPs.

iv. Ultimately all these black hat SEO tactics give the time being benefit of increasing the blog income more than 50%. Honestly speaking, if Auto blogs installed on WordPress then it is used for purpose of cloaking. If it is installed on Web 2.0, then it is purely used to build the backlinks of the website.

Auto Follow Twitter Service to Increase Twitter Follower

From Where, Auto Blogs Get the Content?

Auto blogs are build to save the time of bloggers because Auto blog software or plug-in creates content and compile content automatically. It is cleared that why Auto blogs are established but a question raises that from where these Auto blogs get the content?

Getting the content of Autoblog depends upon the software which you are using. Generally when you are in building process of Auto blogs on WordPress, then you are asked to choose the RSS feeds. When Auto blog builds up, it gets the content from those RSS feeds. When you upload a topic on it, you also need to provide the specific keywords. When Auto blog configure and compile the content from RSS feeds, it would be based on these keywords.

As it configures the content from other sites, therefore there is a fear of Google penalization on “Plagiarism”. To prevent Auto blog from this risk, you can use software like Content Foundry which edit the content after configuration and make it like unique content.

Why dedicated Twitter Profile is Mandatory to drive Blog Traffic?

Which is better? Web 2.0 Blogs or Self Hosted Blogs

If you are new in blogging industry or in field of Auto blogging, Web 2.0 is better for you. It is simple and affordable and free from any type of complexity. Similarly if your goal is only just to build the backlinks to your site or other sites, then also Web 2.0 is better.

If you want to increase the site visibility in search engine, obtain organic traffic, increase site ranking in SERPs and want to double your blog income, then self hosted blog is better. On one hand, where you will get all these benefits, on the same there you will need to manage yourself hosted blog at your own.

If you take suggestion from me, my answer is “self hosted blog”, because it is best to use in every situation. You need to increase the backlinks or organic traffic, increase site visibility in search engine or better ranking of site in SERPs, self hosted blog is better.

Final Words

I hope that you learnt a lot of useful information from this detailed article. If I missed any information which you know, share with us in comments section. Next time we’ll include that information in our article. If you have any question further, you can write us in comments section.

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How to Increase Affiliate Sale using Facebook

By on Sunday, June 19, 2016
Increase Affiliate Sale using Facebook

Facebook is growing massively throughout the globe and now it is the 2nd largest site and 1st best social networking platform in the world. When it was launched, it was just a social interact between the peoples but with passage of time it become a best marketing tool.

Today Facebook is considered a thriving promotional tool for business industry and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing in which any individual or companies attach themselves with a business industry. They promote their product online on internet using their own website and other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc. If someone purchases a product using that link, they get commission from the business industry on this sale.

There are many other ways to promote affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means to promote affiliate sale of the affiliate programs to which you are associated. You can promote it at your own website, blog or you can do this using electronic or print media. Although there are many sources but it all depends upon your budget if you have.

The question is that if you have no budget then how affiliate sale can be increased? Or there is any other cheap budget option to increase the affiliate sale. Yes! This is available. In this article we check that how a blogger can increase the affiliate sale using Facebook in free or coast.

How to Earn with Affiliate Marketing

A Strong Profile is Key of Success

Profile is the first online identity of any business organization, group, multinational companies, an individual, social consultant or any blogger. It is the first impression observed by readers and buyers. Through profile they come to know about yourself and your business.

Let come to know the readers who are you, what is your work, your expertise in affiliate marketing, SEO, web designing or social media consultant what care about you and what you provide your readers? This all information visitor seeks from the bloggers profile either on main blog page or at social media blog page.

A social profile contains basic information like your name, e-mail, offline or online business which you are running and some other personal information. But if you are an affiliate and wants to increase your affiliate sale, you should add some information in description regarding your affiliate program.

To divert reader or visitors into the buyers, add the link of your affiliate store or program in the description. If there is specific space is given by the Facebook Developer to add the affiliate link then add there. If not available then add the affiliate link in end of description. Description should be comprehensive, attractive and useful which push the readers to click on the affiliate link. Make a professional and trust building business profile that briefly tells the visitors and Facebook community about yourself and your affiliate product.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers

Light, Camera, Action

Light, Camera, Action, you heard these voices a lot of time in your life. Actually these words are related to the electronic media where the realities are dramatized. But if we go in deep of these words, it means you are inviting someone to take an action. Am I right?

It is same as like call to action. When two things are correlative with each other like increasing affiliate sale using Facebook, then call to action button is the key of success. Commonly we use call to action button on Facebook for ‘like’ or ‘share’ the post but when the aim of using Facebook is increase the affiliate sale then its importance become increases. To increase your affiliate sale you must add the CTA button to your Facebook affiliate page.

Call to action button should be convincing, compelling and reasonable which push the reader/ visitors to take some action like click on the affiliate link or buy the product. When you add the call to action button to increase the affiliate sale, it should contain following functions.

  • Link of your affiliate program. 
  • Like this product. 
  • Share this product with your friends. 
  • Post your comments. 
  • Buy now. 
  • Click on this button to read more or to know about the more affiliate product. 

Add the call to action button in your Facebook containing the above mentioned functions. This would help your greatly to increase your affiliate sale.

How to Promote Affiliate Product on your Blog

Collect E-mails on Facebook

E-mail in current online business scenario is the most powerful and potential marketing tool to increase the affiliate marketing. In earlier this tool was only used as an interaction between two people or sending some personal messages. But now a lot of has been changed.

E-mail marketing is now direct promotional messages from your affiliate to your e-mail subscribers and readers of the blog.

Along with promotional campaign, e-mail is the source of one-to-one business meeting between two individuals or business delegation. Use e-mail marketing to keep informs your Facebook friends, blog subscribers and readers about the latest affiliate products. You can send them invitation messages to attend an affiliate event or meeting. Send an e-mail message to all your readers to tell them that you are not just giving an affiliate link, but also guide them why they sign up with your blog and what they get.

How to Boost up Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Build Your Trust on Customers

If you are taking your online affiliate business like local business shop or local community business, then you are wrong. Online business means your business is in the access of any individual across the globe. In online business it is not possible for customer to verify the product physically and then buy it. They check the product online and buy it. So the main thing which increases your sale and converts your visitor into buyers and makes the buyers a permanent customer is your trust and honesty.

When you are selling your affiliate product, you should describe all the facts about the product. No matter there is any negativity, mention it. If you don’t tell the negative point of view (if any) of affiliate product, although he will purchase it but after using that product, he will never come to you again to buy any other product. You broken his/her trust and don’t tell him about this negative side when he was purchasing.

Share all the facts regarding products, images, testimonials, features, videos and share a brief history of your online company with your customers. This sharing and customer friendly behavior turns your customers into your fans. It means you are getting more customers from reference of your previous fans.

How to Make Money with Web hosting Affiliate Program

Build the List of Affiliate Customers

In business the main impression which matters is the conduct and behavior of business owner with his customers. It is commonly observed that when we goes to buy a product, the behavior and conduct of seller or affiliate marketer (in case of affiliate marketing) is so cooperative, helpful, friendly and obliging that we becomes his fans. We go there again and again whenever we need to purchase any product.

When a customer impressed with good, supportive and friendly behavior of seller or affiliate marketer, he share this good experience with his classmates, colleagues and officer workers. They also desire to buy from him. This is the way when you build up the list of your customers and convert the previous customers into your fans. So build up the list of affiliate customers and increase your sale using Facebook.

Friday, 17 June 2016

How to Write Search Engines Friendly Content

By on Friday, June 17, 2016
Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

When you build a blog, writing is the first skill and basic requirement in which you should be an expert. Writing a general story (which you write for your own) and writing a blog post (which you write for search engine and readers) are two different things. When you write for your own, you don’t need to care about the search engine or readers, you can write in any manner. But when you write for search engine and to attract the readers to your site, you need to generate the content in appealing and engaging way, which not only should be search engine friendly content but also increase the organic traffic to your site.

In this article, you’ll learn about some basic strategies to generate the search engine friendly content. Before going into depth of this article, here I would like to clarify confusion.

Many bloggers think that writing for search engine and writing to attract the reader/visitors towards your site are two contradictory goals. I disagree with it. If you go in background of these two goals, you will find both the same. If your content is not for search engine then how it will be visible in search engine? When content will not rank in search engine, how visitor will land on your site? So both goals are interlinked with each other. Let’s know how to create the search engine friendly content?

How to Create Content that your Audience Love?

Think Before You Write

Before writing the post, think the message which you want to give your reader? What is the main objective of that post? Do you want to increase the conversation just or lead to a high sale of your product? So keep all these factors in your mind when you start to write an article. At end of the post, what will be your conclusion?

Write a Well-Managed Blog Post

Writing an appealing and attractive blog post which engages the reader on your blog is a tough job. It is not like writing a story at school level. First of all choose an attractive title which divert and attention of reader and enforce him to open the post. For example you can choose a topic like this “Blogger vs. WordPress, the Battle Continues”.

Next, body of post comes. Don’t write the complete post in just one heading or one or two paragraphs. Divide the blog post into heading, subheadings and different paragraphs. It makes easy for reader to read the article. At end, draw the conclusion of your whole post in which all the important points of article write down in short. To encourage the user for comments, you can leave a question for readers at the end of post.

Keywords Balance

It is the effort of every blogger to rank the blog at first page of Google results. For this purpose they use even black hat SEO tactics to increase their blog visibility in search engine. They mention the keywords in large number in one blog post. They do this because they think that this tactic (unlimited use of keywords) will increase their site visibility. This is a misperception, comes in black hat SEO which is sheer violation of AdSense and not favorable in the eye of search engine.

So ensure the use the keywords in a balance way. In heading, subheading, title and body of content, you can use keywords but to a limit. If you add keywords in each and every line and sentence, search engine will never prefer your site to appear. So keep the balance use of keywords in a blog post.

Make your Blog Design SEO Friendly

Use Indication Words

A signal or indication word helps the reader to easily scan your content and grasp the idea of the petitioner. There are many such words like first of all, 2ndly and finally, indeed, so, then, definitely and so on. Such type of words increase the suspension of upcoming phrases, so reader needs to read the phrases completely. These signal words are very important for a well-managed structured blog post. The readers grasp the main idea of the subject. That’s why use of indication words is necessary for search engine friendly content.

10 Benefits of SEO friendly Web Design

Linking to Previous Content, increase the Engagement of Reader

If you have already published the content relevant to the ongoing topic, then don’t’ forget to link the previous post with current article. In this article, you can see two examples of link to previous content which are highlighted in red color i.e. Blogger vs. WordPress, the battle continues and rank the blog at first page of Google results. These are the posts which I already published on this blog. Internal linking not only makes your blog post stronger, optimized for SEO but also decrease the bounce rate of your site. The readers spend more time on your site or blog.

Optimize the Length of Your Article

The main objective to generate search engine friendly content is to increase the organic traffic of site. Google likes the long and detailed blog posts. But on other hand, reader doesn’t have enough time to read the lengthy posts. Therefore to achieve the both goals i.e. search engine favor and reader’s attraction, a middle way should be adopted.

The minimum length of a blog posts shouldn’t less than 400 words. The articles having the short length are called introductory articles, which define and describe the basics of the subject.

The maximum length of blog post which search also engine likes is between 1000-1500 words. The articles having this length describe the subject in detail and also reader can easily read the content of this length.

Search Engine Wants these 4 Things on your Blog

Update the Content Regularly

Google crawlers crawling and indexing the website on regular basis, collect all the updated content, image, videos, or backlinks and index in search engine. If you are updating the blog regularly by adding the unique and informative content, images and backlinks then search engine get an idea from this update that this site is alive and active. But if you don’t update the site regularly, Google crawlers would not crawl and index the site on regular basis, and ultimately site will become un-appealing and unattractive for Google.


There was a time when black hat SEO tactics were effective to manipulate the search engine ranking but now after release of Google Penguin, Panda and Pigeon updates, this all is ended. Now unique, valuable, attractive and search engine friendly content become mandatory to increase the site performance and ranking in SERPs.

Do you think that any useful tip I have been missed in this article. So don’t feel any hesitation to tell us in comments section.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

What is Search Engine Friendly Content

By on Thursday, June 16, 2016
Search Engine Friendly Content

SEO is the process of optimizing the websites in such a way that user/people could easily find it via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. There are different methods and techniques which are used to increase the visibility of site, obtain the organic traffic and enlarge number of visitor via search engines.

These SEO techniques includes On-page and Off-page SEO techniques which helps the site to increase organic traffic like SEO friendly content, modifying URL structures, use of descriptive anchor text, optimization of images and video, finding and use of keywords in title and content of the blog post.

Search engine friendly content is also one of the most important and effective SEO techniques. To understand the concept of Search engine friendly content, let’s break down these two phrases into separate words.

SEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization which means process/methods to optimize the website so it get organic traffic, appear in search engine queries. It also refers to the optimization of website so user could easily find the search engine traffic.

Content: Any information which lives on the web page in any form like text, image and videos etc. to user/reader/visitors to read it.

By putting these two concepts together, we find the following definition of search engine friendly content.

“Search engine friendly content is the content which generates to attract the website traffic from search engine”.

Here content doesn’t means only the text, but images and videos also comes in this category. Any form of content which lives on the web and optimize it to get the search engine traffic.

If content is in text form, search engine sends the traffic from web source. If content of website is in form of images, then Google images sends the traffic. If content of website is generated in from of videos, YouTube (the Subordinate search engine/product of Google) is the only source to get organic traffic.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

6 Tactics To Rank Your Blog on First Page of Google

By on Wednesday, June 15, 2016
6 Tactics to Rank the Blog on First Page of Google

Google is creating the $3 billion revenue from the search advertising, which is under threat if it wouldn’t provide the user relevant result on search query. There are hundreds of web developers and SEO experts are working constantly that how to manipulate the search engine ranking. They try and foul the Google by using black hat SEO tactics. The main objective to use these black hat SEO tactics is to place their website on first page of Google search engine ranking pages.

On other hand, Google changes its search engine optimization methods from time to time. It does this to stop these duplicate web developers and stand out the real and hardworking web developers from crowd of duplicates.

If Google doesn’t make any efforts to kick out the plagiarism using bloggers and SEO experts using black hat SEO tactics, then internet users will stop using Google. If it happens, the whole existence of Google search engine will be in danger zone. That’s why Google always supported and made its every effort to reward the bloggers which generate unique content.

To rank your website at first page ranking in Google search engine, the following six SEO tactics are very effective and useful.

SEO Tactics and Strategies 2016

Paid Search

If it seems that despite using all techniques and bringing all efforts, no satisfactory results are receiving, then paid search comes. Paid search are the ads which Google shows at serial No. 01 on first ranking page. This is paid search, which you can enjoy by paying to Google. Here you can see a snap shot of paid search.

Tactics To Rank Your Blog on First Page of Google

There are different ad extensions offered by Google which are valuable and effective to rank your site on first page.
  • Social extensions. 
  • Site link extensions.
  • Call extensions.
  • Location extensions. 
  • App extensions.
  • Search extensions. 
You can combine multiple extensions as it is dependable upon your budget and quantity of available material. In above image, you can see that hosting services are capitalizing on ads and appear on first page of SERPs.

How to Increase Blog Traffic without SEO

Google Images

Generally blogger and web developers ignore the Google images (even I also ignored it in beginning of my blogging carrier). Google images are the primary source to make your site visible and rank higher in SERPs. Google image has a potential to drive huge number of visitors to your site and obtain organic traffic.

In image optimization, first of all you need to generate an image, if you are a good art master. If not, then there are dozens of site which provides images for websites and blogs free of coast. Download the image, relevant to your niche, and optimize it. You can download images from

Top SEO Trends in 2016

Google Business Page

Google business page boosted up the importance and value of local search. After release of Pigeon Update, the digital companies and online business industry worldwide, emphasized on the local search. The reason is that local search increase the visibility of business in local community and it always appear on first page if it is verified by Google business page.

Local searches appear in search engine from two different aspects. You can see two different aspects in following two separate images.

Tactics To Rank Your Blog on First Page of Google

In above image, a local search shown by search engine at first page ranking, I simply queried “admission open”, search engine shows the answer about a university located in my locality. Let’s see the 2nd image.

Tactics To Rank Your Blog on First Page of Google

If you have multiple locations of your business, you can even then enjoy the Google business service, as seen in above image. In image, it is showing three locations of one business “Pizza Hut” along with address and contact number. This is how you can rank your business on first page of Google search engine ranking pages.

Local SEO to become More Important

Video Optimization

Do you know that YouTube, which is the largest video search engine, is the 2nd largest site of the world after Google? It has the potential of billions of daily visitors. Hence it is another best tactic to increase the organic traffic and rank your bran on first page of SERPs.

It is very simple and easy to use. Simply create your own bran channel on YouTube, shoot the video, and optimize it by editing and including keyword in title of video. Give an attractive name to the video. Add a super long video description or shot but comprehensive description. You can also add “call-to-Action” button to invite the viewer to take an action. Recently I’ve published a detailed article on “how to optimize the video to increase the visibility and ranking of your site in search engine”.

How Stop Words Kill SEO Efforts?

Put a Highly Optimized News

Regular update and press release of your site, brand or business, can boost up their conversation. As SEO is the secret method, and no one could revealed it until now, so ranking of site on first page is not in our control. But we can make our efforts to obtain the effective results. In this prospect you can use press release calendar to obtain search engine traffic.

Make sure the press release is well-crafted with highly CTR keywords and easy to stumble it. If you ensure it that your press release has the actual information which is the demand of user, then journalists and other sites will pick it. Thus it is also helpful to your blog, website or business to rank higher in search engine. I’ll not say to rank on first page immediately but it should be definitely.

Submit Site Maps

Site Map is a guide for search engine to crawls your site and gets indexed in search engine. If you didn’t’ submit the site map, it will not be indexed by search engine, resultantly it will not be visible in SERPs. Ultimately it will not obtain any organic traffic, no visitor, no site visibility and no appearance in search engine. That’s why submit your site map to Google webmaster, after that your site content will be indexed. It will get the organic traffic.