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Blue Host Web Hosting Special Spring Sale

By on Sunday, May 29, 2016
Blue Host Web Hosting Special Spring Sale

Blue host is a hosting platform which provides hosting services to your website. This is one of the reliable and powerful hosting which is powering more than 2 million websites worldwide.

Generally when you choose Blue host, you have to pay $7.99 per month for maintenance and online presence of your website. But there are some special days in a year when hosting services offer special discounts offers. For example on the occasion of New Year celebration, in start of spring season and on black Friday etc.

Important Features of Good Web Hosting Services

Blue Host Special Spring Offer

The spring season is now at its peak and within fifteen days, it will be going it end. Blue host offered special discounts for its new members. As I mentioned above that in normal days, the starting fee is $7.95 per month, but if you avail the special spring offer, you can get your host in just $2.95 per month.

Other Services in Special Spring Offer

Let’s know that in this $2.95 per month, what is Blue Host is offering more services.

  • Website: 01
  • Space: 50 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Performance: Standard
  • Park Domains: 05
  • Sub Domains: 25
  • E-mail Accounts: 05
  • Email Storage: 100 MB per account. 

Remember that all these features or offers are included in $2.95/month package. You don’t need to pay separate for these services.

Apart from these services, if you will sign up with Blue host, you can get the following offers in free. There are no charges for these services. These are totally free.

  • Free Site Builder tools.
  • Free Domain.
  • 24/7 Support. 
  • Live Chat.
  • WordPress Installation in just 1-Click. 

There is also marketing offers provided by blue host but it is separate from this package and its charges are $150 as per settled time period.

Important Features of Blue Hosting Service

Blue Host is one of the best hosting services of website owners worldwide. That’s why today blue host is hosting more than 2 million websites worldwide. Not only this but also providing them app services, technical support and live chatting.

Google Apps Integrated with Blue Host Account

Recently blue host announced its Google app for its users to enable them to work smoothly anywhere and at any time. You can simply download this app in just $5/user. In this $5, you can get many other Google services which are automatically will be connected with your blue host account after downloading Google app.

Following services are included in Google App.

  • Video and Voice calling.
  • 30 GB online Storage.
  • Customs Business Email Address.
  • Online text documents.
  • Integrated Online Calendars.
  • Online Slides.
  • 24/7 Customer and technical support. 
  • Security and Admin Control.
  • Online Spreadsheets.
  • Easy to create project sites. 

These all services are provided in Google app of your blue host account which you can get in just $5. Once you got this app, it is for lifetime. No renew.

Does Shared Hosting Service Affect the Page Ranking?

Get in Touch 24/7 with Blue Host

Blue host customer and technical support team is well trained and expert, which is working 24/7. You are anywhere, call the blue host team, send them an e-mail, post a letter or start live chatting with them. Enjoy the free consultation and get the solution of your web hosting problems. Here the contact details of blue hosts are given.

  • Mail:
  • Address: 10 Corporate Drive, Suit No. 300, Burlington, MA 01803
  • Call at: for US residence Toll Free Number: 888-401-4678
  • Call at: Other than USA: +1 8019765-9400
  • Feedback:

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Benefits of Making Money Online

By on Saturday, May 28, 2016
Benefits of Making Money Online

Everything has its two aspects of its usage, negative and positive. It depends upon user that from which aspect he is observing the things. The use of internet has also its two aspects positive and negative.

Internet is that revolution which made the world a global village. We can found any information, search any place and can see any country map. It is the ocean of knowledge and sources. Very less numbers of internet users are taking the real benefits from its usage and they are earning a huge online income from internet by sitting at home.

On other hand, those use internet on daily basis but don’t take any benefit, are wasting their times. Yes. It is also a negative aspect of internet using. It is a sheer wasting of time if you are using internet but don’t earning any benefit which build up your personality, knowledge, earning, information sources and awareness.

It has no doubt that internet is a source to make money online, but apart from this benefit, there are also some other major benefits of internet using. Let’s know about them.

Home Based Business

The largest benefit of internet is you can earn money from internet by sitting at home. For this purpose, you can establish your blog, website, start work on freelancing, affiliate marketing, online and offline data entry and capture work. All these are online jobs which you can do from your home.

Another good edge is that when you do any home based business, you don’t need to hire any office, recruit any staff, pay any electricity bills of office and keep a secretary or office boy. You just need a computer, internet connections, a chair, computer table and a glass of water on table.

There is no boss, no time frame, no tension of work, no load of work and no binding of a specific uniform and time period. That’s how the making money from internet is so much enjoying work.

10 USA Online Survey Sites for making money online

Personality Grooming

When you start your online business, it is not possible to search the sites, containing different information. Even when you are running a blog, you need to read of a lot of other sites. In this way, your personality development, you get a lot of information which helps to make your personality better.

Improvement in English

Internet is the ocean of knowledge and information. This is surprising that most of the information is available in English language. Almost 70% of websites use English language. Therefore it is the best source to overcome the weakness of your English language. Do you know that more than 80% content is delivered in English? That’s why when an internet user read different sites and articles, its English automatically improves with passage of time.

How to make money online with VigLink?

Fun and Entertainment

YouTube is the 2nd largest website of the world which is browsed by billions of the internet users worldwide. Millions of peoples browse simple text websites, download games, playing games, watch videos and share files on internet. The main thing which I want to say is that 90% of internet users do all this in free. They are not being paid for this surfing and downloading.

On other hand, there are 10% internet users which take the payment while doing the same work. They also watch YouTube videos, play games, read articles and share files on internet. But they get the payment of doing all this work. This is how the internet is a way to make money online along with fun, amusement, entertainment and getting knowledge.

How to Make Online with YouTube?

Explore Your Skills

You are interested in writing, proofreading, editing, making videos, creating 3D animations, production, IT and software field, you have interest in any field, you can make you an expert of that field.

If you are expert in writing, simply establish your blog and improve your writing skills. If you are interested in videos, then shows off your expertise to the worldwide through YouTube. If you are interested in 3D animation or any other field, you can polish your skills by choosing the relevant platform.

Cash Your Time

If you are a regular internet user, but not earning any benefit, you are just wasting of your time. This is the right platform and right time to cash your time and expertise. When you use internet on daily basis, then why should not convert this usage into dollars. So choose the right online platform and cash your time and expertise.

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How to Make Money Online With WordPress Blog

By on Friday, May 27, 2016
Make Money Online from WordPress Blog

Do you have ever experienced to earn money with blog? It is same as like blogger owned by Google, where bloggers use AdSense. is a blogging platform where you can run the blog and make money online. This article is a detailed guide on this subject. You can learn all the options which you can use at this platform to earn income. and

Before diving into depth of this guide, it is necessary to understand two basic things, offered by for its users.

  • It is a free platform and easy to run a blog. Although this is free but it have some limitations. If you have no money to pay for premium platform then you can use it. But after sometime you need to convert it into other platform. Let’s know the other platform. 
  • WordPress.Org: This is self-hosted platform where you serve you blog own. It means you have your own server where you run the blog. The usage of this platform requires some technical knowledge. The biggest advantage is that there are no limitations. 

I would recommend you “” if you want to establish your blog on WordPress platform. Let’s now discuss about different options to earn online income from blog.

Difference between a blog and website

Different Ways to Make Money Online from Blog

Before we discuss about it, one thing you know to remember that you can’t use AdSense. Yes! You can’t use AdSense on your blog but in a way, you can use it. That way will be revealed in end of this article.


WordAds is the exclusive Ads program of which insert ads on your blog. As like a blogger apply for AdSense, in the same way, you are needed to apply for WordAds. There are some requirements which are necessary to complete to get the WordAds program.

  • The blog should have relevant and required traffic. 
  • The minimum site age should be at least 4 months if there is not a huge traffic. 

Once your request approved for WordAds, the ads will start to appear on blog. The ads will appear on your blog and you can also check how much your income is coming from these ads.

How to make money online with AdHitz?

Important Points about WordAds

When you are applying for WordAds, you must be known about some important points like its dashboard, payable on click or impressions and minimum payout etc.

  • Open your WordAd dashboard, you can check there you income. 
  • Always workout to get traffic from USA and European countries. WordAds work better for those bloggers which get blog traffic from USA and European countries. 
  • Minimum Threshold is $100. 
  • You will be paid via PayPal. 

If you have no PayPal ID, create your ID now. It is necessary to get the payment of your blog. When $100 will be completed in your first income, then you can send a withdrawl request to

Increase Your Blog Income with Infolinks Publishers Referral Program

Sponsored Posts

Publishing the sponsored posts is another way to earn online income from you blog. Advertiser would like to write a sponsored post on your blog if it has maximum traffic and number of visitors. But to attract the visitor, you can use following tips.

  • Create a Media Kit where all information about your page rank and traffic is available for advertisers. 
  • Create a page with “Advertise here” or “Advertise with Us”. 
  • Run an affiliate program on your blog to attract advertisers. 
  • Make your blog professional from layout and unique from content. 

Now advertiser will directly contact you to advertise their products on your blog. Accpet their sponsored posts and earn an additional income along with your blog income.

How to Start a Sponsored Review?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn huge income in short time only when you are running a blog. If you start affiliate marketing apart from blogging or website, it takes a lot of time to establish a good reputation. allows you to use affiliate link on your blog from legit and reputable stores. Remember you can’t run the affiliate program of some sites like pornography, multi-level marketing programs, get rich methods and any other site which called illegit and irrelevant in a broad mind.

You can use AdSense on your WordPress blog if you use self hosted WordPress Platform to run your blog.

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5 Computer Skills Everyone Should Master

By on Wednesday, May 25, 2016
5 Computer Skills Everyone Should Master

As most people would readily concur, computers have over the years become critical components of our everyday living. As such, they are widely acclaimed for providing an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency in terms of undertaking a wide variety of tasks. Both in our professional and personal lives.

However, it very sad that many individuals are yet to fully grasp even the most basic of computing skills. This includes sending and receiving emails, internet browsing, basic computer security best practices and the list goes on and on. Well, should you fall under this given category, below are some top 5 computer skills everyone should master, regardless of the exact frequency they use their PCs.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been specifically put in place to enhance the overall computer usage experience. As it is, they allow computer users to accomplish numerous, essential computing tasks in a stress-free as well as time-efficient manner. 

Of course, you will not be required to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts. But rather, only those which can be absolutely indispensable to the various tasks you frequently execute using your PC. 

This includes “Ctrl + C” that initiates the copy function, “Ctrl + V” which triggers the paste function. “Ctrl + X” that initiates the cut function and Ctrl + backspace which permits you to delete whole previous word as opposed to just single characters.

2. Internet Basics

The advent of the internet has drastically altered how many things are done. It is therefore vital for you to learn how to utilize this boundless medium in an effectual manner. To begin with, search engines are synonymous with the internet due to the many advantages they present. 

Hence, you will have to master the basics of advanced search like identifying the various Boolean operators, which can make your online searches more exhaustive. This includes the connectors ‘+’, ‘AND’, ‘OR’ and even ‘NOT’. You will also need to learn how to identify mediocre resources at just a single glance. 

At the same time, you will have to master how to utilize web browsers more efficiently in order to fully tap into the powerful potential of the internet. Some of the basic web browser skills you can master include opening links in new browser windows, using bookmarks, clearing browser caches. While also been in a position of understanding the common web browser errors.

3. Computer Security Best Practices

You don’t need to be a fully fledged IT expert to be able to comprehend the basics of protecting your PC and software from external attacks. This naturally includes knowing how to enable your PC’s firewall and also how to effectively use antivirus applications.

 Both of which can be able to offer some invaluable protection from viruses and malware that may wish to take advantage of vulnerabilities in your system. You will also need to master how to formulate strong and secure passwords to prevent malicious individuals from gaining access to the critical files or applications in your system.

4. Sending and Receiving Emails

Email has effectually replaced the conventional mailing system as the communication medium of choice for many individuals and even business organizations. As such, it is always an excellent idea to learn how to send and receive emails in the right way. 

While also taking advantage of the wide range of functionalities these applications come with. This includes the mass mailing feature, URL insertion feature and even the attachments feature.

5. Touch typing

Touch typing is a critical computer skill you should make an effort to master, even if you are not a professional typist. In essence, this particular skill lets you rely on your motor reflexes other than your sight. This definitely means that you can totally place your concentration on your PC’s screen rather than the keyboard as with most other typing techniques.

As you proceed to master touch typing, you will eventually find that your typing speed and accuracy will have greatly improved. This in turn will improve your overall efficiency and productivity in the various computing tasks you undertake, whether in your professional or personal pursuits.

Finally, learning touch typing will also impart you with typing best practices such as the ideal posture and finger placement to integrate will engaged in typing. This will assist you to avoid sustaining injuries, particularly when you are engaged in protracted typing sessions.

About the Author 

Adam Fort My name is Adam Fort, I’m an education strategist at This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed. I also have a commercial pilot's licence which I’m proud of.

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How To Attract Advertisers To Your Blog

By on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Attract Advertisers To Your Blog

If you are going to started a new earning stream then consider accepting the ads of other companies on your blog. A newbie and a professional blogger, both wants a streamline earning source and make money online.

There are many online method to earn money but advertising on your own blog and website, not only makes it attractive and lucrative, but also give you its income. So why not started this job?

It is very difficult to find an advertiser as there are thousands of sites in a niche and professional looking blogs are available. More then this, advertiser use many other advertising networks as like Google AdSense, BuySell Ads, Ebay, Technorati Ad Network and WordPress etc. So in presence of professional and high page rank websites and hundreds of advertising networks, it would be a tough task to find an advertiser for your website.

However, making your blog attractive for advertisers and doing some changes in its layout, you can easily attract advertisers.

Boost Your Page Rank

Whenever advertisers choose a website or blog, they observe its all formalities and eligible criteria. Remember whenever you will go in market to find an advertiser, they will require some things from your website like its page rank in Google, traffic analytic coming from search engine and search analytic etc. So if you want to attract advertisers, you need to improve your page rank.

How to Boost up Alexa Rank of your Blog

Create a Media Kit

Advertiser will never come until you show the information of your website in black & white. For this purpose create a media kit where advertisers could get all the required and relevant information.

Very honestly, you should provide such information in that media kit like Google Page Rank, Moz rank, page views per day, unique monthly page views, average time visitors spend on site, social presence of blog page and number of social followers on every social platform which you are using etc.

Join an Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program is the simplest way on online marketing. In this way, you promote the product of a brand or company on your blog. In return you get commission in sale of that product. A large number of advertises work with affiliate programs. That’s why if you want to attract advertisers, your website must become an affiliate partner.

Although ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate program but there are also some trusted and high paying affiliate programs for bloggers. When advertisers observe that affiliate ads will getting huge traffic from your blog, definitely will will contact you directly.

How to Promote Affiliate Product on Your Blog

“Your Ad Here”

When you want advertisement on your website, then you must be informed advertisers. For this purpose you can place a banner on your website like “Advertise here, advertise with us or you can banner “your ad here”. This is the best way to inform and attract the advertiser.

You can place this banner at anywhere on your site. But most appropriate place is header of your blog. You can also place it at sidebar. Don’t mention rates in banner. These are decided when an advertiser approach you to advertise his product on your blog.

PPC Vs. CPA Advertising

Display Relevant Ads

This is most important point which increase the chances to clicking on ads by a visitor. When ads appearing on your site are relevant with the niche of site, there are 80% chances that reader will click on ad. Thus it increases your monthly blog income. Apart from this benefit, it is also appropriate to place the relevant ads. If your site is on blogging, then you should place the ads about softwares, freelancers, web developers, SEO agencies and blogging tools etc.

What is Contexual Advertising

Use Wide Types of Advertising

Advertising is not only limited to banners. There are many other advertising methods which you can adopt like publishing a guest post of advertiser etc. Give advertiser more opportunities of advertising. Some types of advertising are writing sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, giveaways, writing paid articles and videos etc. So use these wide methods of advertising to attract a large number of advertisers towards your blog.

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3 Easy Ways to Make Money on Internet

By on Monday, May 23, 2016
3 Easy Ways to Make Money on Internet

Internet was an evolution in the world which played a great role to reduce the unemployment from many societies. When we see 3 or 4 decades ago, there was no concept of online marketing and earning. It was also important that in that time, there was population not in billion, as like today. So there was no need of online earning at that time.

Technology was also not so much developed as today. I am not talking about the weapon technology, but I am talking about internet marketing and its branches. Even Google was started on September 4, 1998. So you can say that internet marketing concept was only of 10 or 15 years ago.

Now it is an understood converse that whenever a new product or brand launches, it takes few years to boost up. So think in this view that when internet marketing was started after 2003, definitely it took time to become the part of societies earning professions.

When I started blogging, it was 10th May, 2015. And you know today one year is completed. The blog earning which we received in April, 2016, was $ 6000. Here you can read my blogging journey.

In my blogging journey article, I mentioned that what method I tried to make money online. Definitely it is the desire of every person to live a happily and cheerfully life which is not possible without a strong financial position. That’s why today every 3rd person is in search of part time jobs.

Most of the people prefer online jobs in part time. The reason is this is home based online business and you don’t need to become suited booted as like in your official job. You don’t need to recruit any staff, hire an office and keeping a secretary or an office boy. The more interesting thing is that most of online jobs have no investments and those which need investment; they also required very light investment. You just need a chair, a computer table, a computer and internet connection. This is your investment to start your online business. That’s why 95% people prefer home based online business.

Setup an Office at Home for Professional Blogging

There is no doubt that you can earn thousands of dollars from your online business but there should be reliable and trustworthy business and business partner. Many people go in hands of scammers and looters, which cash the hardworking of those innocent people and don’t provide even a single penny at end of month.

So when you start your online business, observe it from every aspect. Take a review from your friends and colleagues about that online job. There is a long list of online businesses but here we are going to tell you about 3 reliable and trustworthy online home based jobs. These are adopted and used by millions of people worldwide and they are associated with these till today.

Freelancer Jobs

Freelancing is the most successful and wide business across the globe. It provided the employment to millions of unemployed and jobless people in very limited time. The most interesting thing is that if you need a job, you can also search the job on If you want to hire someone and need an expert to complete your project, you can also find those experts and field professionals.

There is unlimited ways of earning. You can here browse categories to find out a job in your relevant field. Some major categories are writing, proofreading, web designing, capture work, online and offline typing, programming, project on Microsoft excel and Microsoft words, data entry, mobile phones, mobile apps, PHP, SEO, Translation, Internet marketing, Graphic designing, WordPress, android, product description, screen writing, article writing, forums posting, editing and ebooks writing.

Effective Strategies to Build your Freelancing Carrier


Fiverr is another reliable, trustworthy and extensively used channel to make money online. It is providing more than 4 million services to hire, which means there are 4 million jobs are available in more then 100+ categories. Go to their home page, sign up and find out your job starting at just $5.

In job categories, there are writing, typing, web designing, 3D graphics, game development, mobile apps, programming, web developing, communication, writing articles, proofreading, WordPress and blog installation, writing reviews for others, press release, film making, 3D animations and much more. You can here browse categories to find out a job in your relevant field.


Among all online earning method, blogging is the most effective, reliable and successful way of making money online. If you have patience, time and writing skills, you can start your own blog. Building a blog is the procedure of few days, but to maintain it, it needs high patience, time, devotions, commitment and consistency. If you have all these qualities in yourself, you become a successful bloggers and earn thousands of dollars.

We started this blog on 10th May, 2015. In this month, one year is completed. During this time period of 12 months, we earned more than $30,000/-. In last month, April 2016, we received $6000. You can also do this. Register a blog, start writing articles, build the list of subscribers and learn how to get blog traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and online forums.

When a blog established, there are many other ways to earn additional income like start affiliate business on your blog and write the sponsored reviews and much more.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Increase Blog Earning with Infolinks Related Tag Feature

By on Sunday, May 22, 2016
Increase Blog Earning with Infolinks Related Tag Feature

Infolinks is the most popular advertising program used by advertisers at large scale. It is not only favourite of advertisers but also publishers use Infolinks to get extra blog income. Due to its attractive and publisher friendly policy, it become most popular in-text advertising program and left many other programs behind like Kontera.

Recently we published a detailed article on that how you can increase revenue with Infolinks publisher referral program. In that program, simply you need to refer your one friend to use the Infolinks ads unit on his blog or website. On his joining, you get the commission. This is how so simple and easy way to earn money.

Today we are going to discuss another feature of Infolinks which is launched for publishers support. That feature is “Infolinks Related Tag”.

A Detailed Intro of Udemy

Infolinks Related Tag Feature

Infolinks related tag is a chance for publishers to increase their monthly earning up to the 30%. As like Google Ad Sense unit appears on the site page, in the same way, Infolinks ad will appear on your site. This feature is also an Ad unit but the difference is that that when a user will hover mouse on it, Infolinks ads will appear as like inline ads of Infolinks.

When the user will hover mouse on it, it shows like the real links. Thus this feature of Infolinks increases more than 30% income on monthly basis.

Integration of Infolinks related tag is very easy and simple, just copy the following HTML Code and paste it on your site where Infolinks related tag will appear.

Complete Guide to Make Money on Udemy

Where Should you place Infolinks Related Tag

Infolinks related tag you can place at anywhere on your site page. But it is better to place at the top of page so it should be viewed by every visitor.

There is another important thing that if you have an image blog, then pastes this code in below of every image. But if it is a textual blog, then only one related tag is enough. More ads will clutter your site which leaves a bad impression on users mind.

You can Place more than One Related Tag on One Page

It is not necessary to stick on only one related tag, you also can place more tags. If you are at starter level, then don’t do this. Take it slowly. First of all observe only one related tag for some time. After then, if you find it better and then use two related tags.

How to Market Udemy Courses?

Color of the Infolinks Related Tag

As now only the first version of Infolinks related tag is launched, this is of blue color. There are standard colors and size tags are also exists but they are premium. In future version, more attractive color and size of related tags will provided to publishers in order for best monetization of their sites.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

8 Twitter Tools for Online Blogging Community

By on Saturday, May 21, 2016
  8 Twitter Tools for Blogging Community

It was 2006 when twitter journey was started and today it is 2016, twitter not only suffered its journey successfully, but also it becomes a powerful and authoritative advertising leader in social world. Today it has the potential of more than 300 million visitors. If I say that these 300 million are not visitors but are the users of twitter, it would not be wrong.

When twitter becomes a powerful booster for advertiser, it needs to use a third party tools which are also designed in a user friendly way and easy to use.

As we consider the concept of third party in twitter world, there are hundreds of such tools. But all are not useful and helpful except someone.

Most of the tools are designed in such way that when user opens them, these do the bombardments of ads, which diverts the attention of user. These ads also create a disturbance for reader or visitor, resultantly he leaves the site.

After doing tiring work, I’ve thrashed out a list of 24 twitter tools which are easy to use and contain simple way. In this article we’ll learn about first 08 tools, as due to fair of a lengthy post, the remaining 16 tools will be discussed in two separate articles.

Embed Twitter Button in your Blog


Twibs is a twitter directory that provides business articles and features on twitter and covers more than 1000 topics. To use it smoothly and drive blog traffic from it, you need to submit your business map or site map. Here you can interact with relevant and different business and brands.


Wefollow is a fully featured service which only represent your profile and services. It has the feature of more than 30 sites including top 10 social media sites. Log-in with your twitter ID, and enjoy the Wefollow. You can also find your like-minded twitter follower which has the same interest as you.

Use Twitter for Your Blog


Twtpoll is an attractive tool to remain in interaction with your loyal twitter followers. It allows its users that they can attempt a survey of their social media. These surveys then could by post directly on twitter and Facebook or other social networking sites. You can easily engage your twitter followers by asking a question from them. Similarly do it for your Facebook. 


If you are affiliated with affiliate programs, selling the products online then this tools can helps you to increase your sale and conversion rate. Simply sing up and get a coupon for your product. TwtQpon is a great tool to reach at your social targeting and increase the social couponing. It doesn’t matter that which platform you are using like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.


Although this tools is premium which shows that this is specially designed for professional. A layman user can’t use it till he becomes expert in it. It tells you that how much your message is tweet reached and about true reach about of your tweet. Thus it is a great tool for twitter marketing if you want to do.

A Dedicated Twitter Profile is Mandatory to drive Blog Traffic


As it shows from name that it is like a live interaction tool which holds a live communication between the twitter profile owner and its followers. . Yes! You can publish your live streams directly to your twitter followers. It posts your live stream links and description attached with your twitter profile. You can also attempt a live discussion with your loyal followers using TwitCam.


TweetStats is a great tool to track your all tweet with order of hours, days, weeks or months. You can easily keep the record and track your twitter usage from different aspects. Thus it is a great tool which helps you to point out your scheduling mistakes and weaknesses. You can make your next tweet schedule better by observing the previous all tweets using TweetStats.


Twilert is same as like Google alert. If you want to know that your brand, product, blog or website is discussing on twitter then use Twilert. It will give you an alert that your brand is now under discussion. You need to simply set some keywords relevant to your brand or product it will give you an alert. The biggest benefit is that you can take participate in this discussion and reply your loyal followers at the spot of time. Thus this practice not only builds the follower trust upon you but also increase the sale.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Free Auto Follow Twitter Service to Increase Twitter Followers

By on Friday, May 20, 2016
Twitter Service to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is the main stream social network of the social world. It has a level and authority in social media regarding connections and interaction between the twitter communities. Twitter like Facebook provides new products to its user from to time which are easy to use and user friendly. One of them is auto follow twitter.

Many social media experts say it a good practice to maintain your twitter profile, as a dedicated twitter profile is necessary to drive blog traffic from twitter.

When a blogger maintain a blog and after a time, when blog become mature, it needs to increase its socialization on other networks like online forums, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora and many other such platforms.

When these stages comes, then it becomes very difficult for a blogger to keep its all work maintain smoothly. At this stage, this tool of twitter makes it easy for blogger to streamline its twitter work.

Increase Blog Engagement using Twitter 2016

Tweet Later Tool

Tweet later is a nice tool of auto follow twitter which provides many useful functions to manage in just one click. Thus it is a best tool to save your precious time. You can scheduled your tweets, auto welcome message to a new follower, fix a time to publish a tweet, do your work, tweet will automatically published on scheduled time.

Once you enable this feature on your twitter, you get rid from many small and tiny functions. Although those functions are very tiny in imagination but those are very important. For example ask your new follower to join you on Facebook.

When you got a new follower of your tweets, it is your responsibility to send him a welcome message immediately. Updating the twitter profile on regular basis by tweeting many new posts and images is also necessary.

How to Use Twitter for your Blog?

So to maintain all these functions at a time, when you are managing a mature blog, is really a tough job. That’s why tweet later is very helpful to manage all these problems in very smooth way.

Simply go to Social oomph, sign up and connect it with your twitter profile. Once you enable it, you can easily manage tweet later service and auto follow twitter. It will save a lot of your precious time.

Send Automated Direct Messages Using 2 Free Twitter Tools

By on Friday, May 20, 2016
Send Automated Direct Messages using 2 Free Twitter Tools

Twitter was built in 2006 and now there is 2016. During these 10 years, it builds a strong interaction tool and also a powerful marketing tool. Today there are more than 300 twitter users.

No one can deny this fact that twitter is today a powerful advertising source than any other social network after Facebook. Although it grow faster than Facebook but still it needs more improvement in its structure to lead to advertising marketing. Any blogger can tweet effectively to drive blog traffic and can build up dedicated twitter profile.

When a blog become mature and it start to get drive traffic from other social networks also like Stumble Upon and LinkedIn, it becomes very difficult for bloggers to manage the blog from all aspects.

Blog needs time to spend on it. When you build up a strong twitter reputation and blog is getting huge twitter traffic, then it needs more care. There are many tiny functions which is impossible for a blogger to manage them at once like sending a welcome message to a new twitter follower and tweets without a proper schedule.

That’s why twitter has awarded its users with 2 free twitter tools; using them you can send an automated message to your new followers. As it is automated twitter service, so when a follower joins you on twitter, he automatically receives a welcome message from you. This is how these two twitter tools are very attractive and effective.

There is good news. Generally when we use twitter, there is limit of 140 characters. You can’t enter the characters more than this limit. But for sending automated direct messages, there is no limit. You can use characters as much as you can.

Let’s learn about those 2 free twitter tools. Signup these tools and get rid of checking your new followers and sending them a welcome message again and again to every incoming new follower.

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Social Oomph

Social Oomph

Socialoomph is a social media productive tool which sends automated messages to your new followers. It is not only limited to twitter but anyone can use it also for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler, RSS fedds, Plurk and

In addition from this task, Socialoomph also allows you to perform many others tasks. Some of them are scheduled your tweets (tweets will be publish automatically in your absence), track keywords (when your brand, product and blog discussed by others, it will alert you), sending welcome message to new followers, sort into twitter lists, vet new followers, secure twitter access, and purge your twitter tweets and much more......

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Crowd Fire App

Crowd Fire App

Crowd Fire App is another nice free tool to sending the direct automated messages to new follower. Apart from DM messages, it also many other features to allow by its users like recent followers, recent unfollowers, tracking out keywords, copy the follower and much more.

If you found these tools helpful in managing your tweets, then fee free to share it with your friends. If you have some other free tools which help the twitter users to manage the tweets, share with us in comments section.